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Sponsorship Policy


  1. It shall be the policy of the Coos County Fair Board (Fair Board) that procurement of sponsorships shall, where feasible and practical, be modeled on standard fair, festival, and industry practices.
  2. Sponsorships are marketing and promotional arrangements between the Fair Board and private businesses, individuals, corporations, or public or non-profit entities that exchange financial and/or other valuable consideration for the privilege of conducting promotional, advertising, educational, and/or product or service activities in association with County Fair programs, activities, and events.
  3. The Fair Board may contract with sponsorship individuals or companies to solicit and secure sponsorships.
  4. The responsibility for the procurement of sponsorships shall be managed under the direction of the Fair Board.
  5. Sponsorship agreements shall be committed to writing and signed by all parties to the agreement.
  6. The Fair Board shall discuss any potential sponsorship in a public meeting before entering into a sponsorship agreement.
  7. Fair Board members may recommend potential sponsors. Any perceived or real conflict of interest between a Board Member and a potential sponsor will be disclosed in writing by the Board Member and filed with the Board president.
  8. The Fair Board will evaluate potential sponsorships based on an objective analysis of market conditions and trends, the County Fair’s needs and requirements, and the potential sponsor’s imaging and marketing objectives.
  9. The Fair Board will use the following criteria in determining whether a potential sponsorship opportunity is appropriate for the County Fair:
    1. The total cash to be received by the County Fair;
    2. The total in-kind support to be received by the County Fair;
    3. The sponsor’s ability to perform during the term of the agreement;
    4. Whether the sponsor’s marketing objectives and corporate imagery contributes to the Fair Board’s mission and long-term vision. Potential sponsor’s products and services must be congruent with family values, diversity, and other values identified by the Fair Board to contribute to the quality of life for all Coos County residents and Oregonians in general; and
    5. Any other considerations, qualifications, or market influences deemed valuable and appropriate by the Fair Board.

Adopted this 19th day of February, 2019