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Livestock Barn Project

Fair Building - Render 5

Project completion date:  June 30, 2019

Fund raising goal:  $500,000

Funds raised to date:  $305,898  (2/7/2019)


The Coos County Fair Alliance, Inc has launched a project to build a livestock barn on the Coos County Fairgrounds.  The planned 28,000 square foot building will provide shelter for the County's youth and their animals during the fair.  The new livestock barn will be located adjacent to the Auction Arena, in the area where the tents have been setup.  The Fair Board rented 18,800 square feet of tents for the 2018 Fair.  The proposed facility will provide an additional 9,000 square feet of space for the 4-H, FFA and open class beef, dairy, swine, goat, sheep and llama programs to expand in the future. 

The new building will be a 173' x 156' pole barn, with a metal roof.  The new barn will include electrical, lighting and fire suppression. We are striving to complete the barn shortly before the 2019 Fair. Our shared goal is to raise sufficient funds to pay for the entire project.  

Please consider making a donation to this project.  The cost of renting tents for the 2018 Fair was $28,500.  This represents a very significant drain on the financial resources of the Coos County Fair Department. The amount spent on tents increases every year.  The longer we wait to build a barn, the more expensive the tent rental cost will be. Reallocating the money saved by no longer renting tents will open up all kind of possibilities for future entertainment and improvements.  

The fund raising efforts are being spearheaded by the Coos County Fair Alliance, Inc.  The Coos County Fair Alliance is a tax exempt (501c3) organization. Their mission is to assist the Coos County Fair & Rodeo raise the funding necessary to complete improvement projects and launch new programs.  The Coos County Fair Alliance board is comprised of residents of Coos County with a passion for the Coos County Fair & Rodeo.  Add donations made to the Coos County Fair Alliance, Inc. on behalf of the Livestock Barn Project are tax deductible.  To make a donation or request addition information, please call and speak to a Coos County Fair Alliance representative at (541) 572-2834.