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Food Pavilion Project



In 1912 the Coos County Fair & Rodeo was originally established as the Coos and Curry County Fair.  It’s not real clear when the food booths were first constructed – but a tradition was born with early fairs.

More than 100 years later, we find ourselves repairing and replacing old buildings on a shoestring budget.  The last 30 years has seen the loss of the old horse barns, the old livestock barns and milking parlor, the grandstand with commercial exhibits and our oak grove. The next building to be demolished will be the nostalgic food booths – home of the Bridge Grange Booth, Lyons Booth and now the Boy Scouts Booth.

We need the community’s support as we embrace this huge undertaking.  Our vision is to recapture the nostalgia of the early buildings while giving a design nod to the grassroots days of our county and our fair.

The Loafing Shed, so named for the structure built on the side of a barn, will be constructed in a heavy-timbered, horse barn style the will “tip it’s hat” to the history of our old fair.  

Size: The re-visioned facility will accommodate up to 6 food purveyors and still offer room for covered seating (or an evening dance).

Style:  Beyond the standard, boring pole barn, the Loafing Shed boasts 4 gables, a cupola, tongue & grooved ceiling deck and plenty of elbow room!  Patio festoon lights will further the warm and cozy atmosphere for evening activities.

Green Spaces:  Courtyards on the east and west sides will provide social spaces for morning coffee and evening shade to enjoy watching the fun activities.  The west courtyard will include a grape arbor to provide that ambiance and evening shade.  The final project will also include new tree plantings to further enhance green spaces and “that country feel” at the fairgrounds

Environmentally Friendly:  The Loafing Shed will be solar-ready.  The Energy Trust of Oregon and Sol-Coast has worked together to establish minimum construction standards to allow for future solar panel installation.



Projected Cost

The Coos County Fair Alliance Inc., an Oregon Not-For-Profit Corporation, will be raising the funding necessary to build this facility.  Our goal is to attract 1,000 donors who will each give $100 dollars.  Our plan is to leverage that “seed money” with grants to be able fund the entire project!

Preliminary Cost:

 Structural Engineering   $2,000
 Fill Trucking  $13,000


 Lumber   $110,000
 Concrete $20,000
 Roofing $49,800
 Landscaping $13,200
 Lighting & power $21,000 
 Plumbing & sinks $17,100
 Commercial vent hoods $13,800
 Finishes $9,500
 Signage $5,000
   $ 259,400

Solar Photovoltaic System:

 Grant Writing Services   $1,125
 Materials & Installation  $73,700
 Energy Trust Incentive  $ -10,000
 Dept. of Energy Gran  $ -22,300
   $ -32,300
 Final Solar Cost   $42,525

Total Cost $ 316,925